Wednesday, August 7, 2019

First Impression of RPG Maker Game "Star Catcher"

Game: Star Catcher (Demo)
Developer: Soulrender
Year of Release: 2019
Game Engine: RPG Maker MV

Score: 85/100

Someone is stealing magical items, and now, your old teacher who kicked you out of the magical academy, needs your help.

The Score
Story: 10/10
The story moves quickly and is interesting. You also gain party members almost right from the start, so the pacing seems very fast.

Characters: 7/10
Each party member you meet has their own backstory and skill set. They don’t seem to have much personality though. I’d like to see them each show a certain trait and use a varied way of speaking to help them stand out from each other.

Writing: 5/10
The writing is creative and seems that it would flow well, but I have to take points off for not being fluent English. A great step would be to have a native English speaker edit the game text after the development is finished.

Wich one of you can spot the errors?

Mapping: 10/10
This is my favorite part of Star Catcher. The maps are intricate and well-done. They serve not only as nice scenery but as part of the puzzle of the game. Soulrender also makes very good use of lighting effects on the maps (with one exception, which I’ll touch on below).

Art: 10/10
The custom art is very appealing and fits well with the RPG Maker assets and Character Creator pieces.

Creative Game Design: 10/10
This game shines in two areas: the way the developer uses maps and the skill system of each character.

Gameplay: 6/10
I’m taking points off here for two reasons. First, the battles seemed to take too long. I was on Easy Mode and had to fight a spider that was almost tougher than I was! I feel like these beginning enemies should be one hit, and they’re dead.

The second reason, and the biggest reason, is that I got stuck and had to stop playing. I could barely see where I was inside a certain cave and couldn’t figure out where I was supposed to go. I couldn’t progress any further in the game.

My party is on that map somewhere...

Technical: 10/10
Star Catcher runs flawlessly and makes good use of plugins to give the player a smoother, unique experience.

Music: 9/10
There are a lot of different musical tracks, and a lot of them are catchy. There are some looping issues, though. It would be better to trim the tracks so that there’s no silence at the end when no music is playing.

Sound: 8/10
The sound effects are pleasant but not populous enough. I’d like to hear some atmospheric sounds over the music though.

I think Soulrender is well on his way to creating a great game. It just needs a little polish on the lighting (help me get out of that cave!) and an English editor to clean up the text.

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  1. This game is amazing, best one I ever played. Though it uses default RTP for environment, but
    it's actually don't bother me. Any info about release a full version?

    1. Soulrender says he's working on it pretty hard. Follow him on to get the newest versions. I'll also update here once the game is finished.

  2. I finished playing demo from start to very end and this game, Star Catcher is magnificent!
    Sure it has some flaws but still this is a solid piece of work. At first I thought it would be
    another boring RPG Maker game by seeing Soulrender uses default RTP, but I loved the maps he made and spiced them up with wonderful music. Your rating 85/100 absolutly match my feelings about this game.

    1. Thumbs up! Thanks for checking out the game and giving us your opinion.

  3. I just played online version, game is fine, but the turn limit in battle could be more expanded. I give that game 8.5/10.
    -1 Soulrender's language skill
    -1 Turn limit in battles
    -0.5 Unexplained relationship between Tallanar and Myrica.

    Don't get me wrong, game is good, but with not fully explained lore it's hard to figure out
    what is going on between playable heroes. Anyway I wish him good luck with this project because it has great potential to be better and better to finally become most regonizeable rpg maker game. I wonder how Soulrender looks like in real life, must be handsome if he had such idea for game :)

  4. Dear Stephen. I played this demo thoroughly and I have to disagree with your opinion about battle system that they take to much time. In the main protagonist house there is simple and primitive battle tutorial, but before it starts Tallanar is saying that he don't remember when
    he last fought someone, therefore he forgot how to efficiently use his abilities and that's my explanation for long battles. Of course I have another explanation - action takes place inside bermuda triangle and this is perfect opportunity to create custom, unique fauna. Don't forget that also we did not discovered all things about our world too, so everything is ok, but I take -1 point for turn limit in battles.

    1. Bermuda Triangle. Larger, more difficult animals. I can go with that. Thanks for the comment!

  5. I checked this game on and I'm bulversed! One of the best games made in MV and
    so little downloads? That's insane! Besides it's clearly visible that author is trying hard
    to make competetive game. For me this game takes full 10/10

    1. 10/10? Wow! You didn't see anything you'd like to have different in the game?

    2. This game reminds me one of the old demo game from - if I'm correct - RPG Maker 2000, with hero called Yargo, I don't remember it's title, but I remember when you finished it
      by jumping into portal you hear monsters roar and games end. I see Star Catcher takes many things from that game and that's how I like it. Actually there is one thing I would change in Star Catcher. More dialouges and I belive it will change. Cinematics could be
      also better, but their are still good, good, but can be better :)

    3. Gotcha! Thanks for leaving your thoughts!

  6. No one write comment for some time, but if you guys interested there where several updates since this review was published.