Greetings! As an RPG Maker game designer myself, I want to help other game devs make the most of their creation and receive the recognition their efforts deserve. Here are some ways I think I can help. Feel free to read through these services. If you’re interested in one or more of them, simply fill in the form at the bottom of the page.

First Impression Reviews

Send me your game, and I’ll write a review of it based on the first hour of gameplay. Free of charge!

Full Reviews

If you’d rather me play through the whole game, maybe because you think the story and characters won’t receive full justice based on only an hour, no problem. You can request a full review for only $50.

Private Reviews and Game Testing

What if you’re not ready to release your game and simply need some feedback? Let me take a look. I’ll play through the whole game and send you a private report as if I were writing a full review, along with a detailed list of bugs or problems areas that I find for a charge of only $50. I won’t publish a public review of your game unless or until you’re ready for me to.

How Do I Write My Reviews?

I’m generally a fairly kind reviewer. I want to highlight what’s good in your game. I don’t judge you for being low-budget or using the base resources that come with the software. But I will be honest with readers when I find something that doesn’t work well.

Here are the 10 criteria I’ll comment and score your game on:

  • Story
  • Characters
  • Writing
  • Mapping
  • Art 
  • Creative Game Design
  • Gameplay
  • Technical
  • Music
  • Sound

Each category gets a score of 1-10, with a total of 100 points possible.

I’ll also include screenshots, cover artwork, and any information you send me about your dev team, company, and where to purchase or access your game.

Where Do I Post My Reviews?

Every public review gets posted on this website. I’ll also re-post my review to any platform on which your game is available. Just make sure you send me the links!

Want to Move Your Review to the Top of My Queue?

I might have a backlog of reviews to complete at any one time. When you send me your game, I’ll reply and let you know how long it might take for me to post about it. If you’d like to see your game reviewed sooner, you can add an additional $20 to your payment. I won’t put you in front of other boosted games, but I will move you ahead of free reviews.

See how many games are currently on the list.

De-Bugging and Plug-In Support

Do you have something in your game that you just can’t get to work correctly? Are the plug-ins you want to use not playing nicely with each other?

Let me know the problem you’re experiencing, and I’ll get things working for a flat $25. If it’s a game design issue, I’ll tell you what I did so that you can avoid the same problem in the future. If it’s a plug-in problem, I’ll edit the code to do what you need it to.

Note: Because of time constraints, I don’t write new plug-ins. I only edit the game code or plug-ins already present in your game.

Proofreading Your Text

I’m a stickler for grammar, and I will ding your writing if you don’t use proper English. That being said, I’m a book editor by profession, and I’d like to help improve the writing in your game.

Maybe you have a good idea for a game, but you’re not a Grammar Nazi like I am. Maybe you speak English as a Second Language and need help making your narration and dialogue sound natural to an American audience.

I’ll proofread and edit all the text in your game that a player will see and ensure that there are no errors. Because games can vary in the amount of text they have, I charge an hourly rate of $15 per hour for proofreading.


Are you ready to publish your game? Are you confused (like I was) about how to actually get your game on the popular platforms, such as Steam and Google Play? I muddled through it and can now help you publish your game on:

I can also include DLC or in-app purchasing on Steam or Android for an additional $25 each.

You’ll need to register for these services, then send me your login credentials to continue the process. I will act as your proxy. When I’m finished, you can change your passwords if you want to.

Note: It costs $100 to become a publisher on Steam and $25 to become a publisher on Google Play.

Payment Methods

If you’re requesting one of my paid services, here are some ways that you can process your payment. Once I receive your payment and the information in the form below, I’ll send you a follow-up email.

Venmo: (add bank account)

Western Union: Stephen Wilson
3352 Fair Oaks Drive
Beavercreek, Ohio 45434